[Made in 72 hours for Wowie Jam 3.0]

Roboswitch is a puzzle game about three robots working together to reach the goal. Rotate between the unique abilities of the Spider, Destroyer, and Dasher!

Arrow keys: move, climb walls (Spider), jump (Destroyer), push blue blocks (Destroyer)
Left click: destroy green blocks (Destroyer), move blue blocks (Dasher)
Right click: dash (Dasher)
R: restart level

Made by team Bitrack

Programming: OndiTech
Graphic Design: Polyphorge, Gallactic2D
Music, Sound Design: BoboNator

The following authors' works were sampled from freesound.org:



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hey do you have a actual discord invite?

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you don't need crab bot in the 5th and last levels destroier bot isn't needed in the 5th and last levels and you can make the block fly in the 4th level

Thank you for this report! We are going to fix all issues as well as add new things in the upcoming updates, so your comment is very helpful.

you can dash inside a wall

Thanks for this bug report. Where precisely did you dash inside a wall?

the third or fourth level, from outside the big scruture.

Last level didn't need tank.

yes we found the glitch too. thanks for the bug report:)